Funding for E-learning Projects in the ACT in 2011 - 2012

The programs funded under the National VET E-learning Strategy (which replaces the Australian Flexible Learning Framework) reflect its focus on:
  • capitalising on the benefits of the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) for VET delivery
  • supporting workforce development in industry through innovative training solutions
  • expanding participation and access for individuals through targeted e-learning programs delivering foundation skills and e-literacy.

Programs have been funded across these three main areas in all states and territories, through public and private training providers, industry associations and enterprises, and feature programs in a diverse range of sectors - bricklaying, agriculture, forensics, aged care, mining and manufacturing plus many others.

The Australian Capital Territory attacted funding under National Broadband Network (NBN), Access to Skills, and under the Industry System Change activity - Peak Industry Bodies and Regional Business. Successful project lead agents are:

National Broadband Network

  • Remote skills acquisition for fire investigators
    Canberra Institute of Technology will partner with Fire and Rescue NSW to assist regional fire investigators to develop critical skills in fire investigation.
  • Construction safety training simulator
    Transformed Pty Ltd will partner with Holopoint Interactive Pty Ltd to develop a simulation for the experiential learning of safety risks in a construction environment.
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Access to Skills

  • Construction m-learning capability
    Transformed Pty Ltd will develop and test methods to facilitate mobile learning on construction sites using portable devices such as iPhones and iPads.
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Peak Industry Bodies Program
  • Surveying and geospatial industry sector consultancy
    Spatial Information Services Pty Ltd partnered with the Canberra Institute of Technology to develop a workforce development e-learning business plan for surveying and geospatial sciences.
    This industry sector will implement Phase I of its e-learning business plan.
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Regional Businesses Program

  • Online nursing aged care training program
    Health Staff Ed Pty Ltd an ACT based business will partner with The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation - SA Branch to create and deliver 2 Units of Competency online for South Australian Nurses. The goal is to deliver this training online to over 150 Nurses in South Australia within 12 months of development of the training.
  • E-learning for regional aged care training
    Yass Valley Aged Care Ltd will partner with the Canberra Institute of Technology to deliver two units of competency relevant to four qualifications embedded in the Community Services Training Package CHC08. Students will access CIT’s online E-learn learning platform using laptops and link up via web-based video conferencing to classes conducted by CIT teachers in Canberra. This will enable aged care workers to be re-skilled in vital tasks relevant to their employment positions in aged care residential and home and community care.
  • RPL gap training for agri-business
    Rural Skills Australia an ACT based business with national coverage will partner with a variety of RTOs to collaborate with clients including primary producers in NT, WA, NSW, SA, Qld, Vic to refine an on-line RPL process that incorporates gap training delivery to produce: enterprise specific RPL tools; and customised training plans for each employer/entity.
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Higher Qualifications Pathways Projects
  • ACT tertiary partnership
    Canberra Institute of Technology in partnership with the Australian Catholic University will facilitate closer relationships between ACU and CIT leading to further provision of support for learner pathways in the ACT.
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