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ACT Department of Education and Training
Using social software, such as Blogs and Wikis, the project will provide enhanced connection, communication and support for Australian School-based Apprentices and their employers. As a result of using the social software, an online library of wisdom will be collated and can then be accessed and used by future apprentices in the program.
Access On-Entry

Canberra Institute of Technology
This project aims to develop an e-learning skills audit strategy. The e-learning will enable students to interact with an interface in accessible and equitable ways, appealing in particular to students with reading and comprehension difficulties.
Assessing significance online

Canberra Institute of Technology
This project will see the development of an online assessment tool which will contribute to the Certificate IV unit of competency "Research, describe and document cultural material, for use by regional and remote museum workers.
E-strategy for Cert. III in Automotive Vehicle Body (Spray Painting)

Canberra Institute of Technology
The e-learning will include online assessments, electronic communication techniques and the submission of work by apprentices using technology such as video eye-glasses and digital cameras.
CIT Children's Services e-Learning Project

Canberra Institute of Technology

Addressing a unit of competency "Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm", content will be developed building on previously developed resources and supported by an e-portfolio approach for evidence gathering.


Canberra Institute of Technology

Development of an e-learning nutrition resource for flexible delivery in the workplace. This project will also include the use of a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate the learners competency.

The Cafe Pazzini E-Learning Project

Capital Careers

Helping to integrate and reahbilitate people with a mental illness back into the workforce, this project will customise a learning object to better suit its target audience. This will allow the learning to be done in small chunks, in a 'safe' environment, empowering their learners.

NuSkills Learning and Development

This project will develop an online induction program for a community based client in the ACT, Communities@Work. Encompassing various workers across the ACT including workers from child care, aged care and family day care, this e-learning module will provide flexible and timely approaches to this essential training need. An online repository of resources will also be developed for all staff (including volunteers) to use.
Jim’s Mowing - Online Certificate 2 Parks & Gardens

Canberra Institute of Technology

The development of an e-learning module for the delivery of the electronic resources and learning activities for competencies contributing to the Certificate II in Horticulture (Parks and Gardens) using USBs, PDAs and/or Laptops.
WATERWAYS - direct your future

Develop e-learning for four units of competency that contribute to the delivery of the Certificate II in Water operations. They will be interactive and engage the learner.
Science Language Project

Canberra Institute of Technology
A flexibly delivered program including 4-5 hours of interactive e-learning content will be developed encompassing around 150 terms, enabling students from non-English speaking backgrounds to recognise and use (both visually and aurally), correct terminology relating to technical terms in both vocational laboratories and animal studies.