Note - This web site will no longer be supported after the 30 June 2014 and access to the site will cease at the end of Dec 2014. (Content was accurate as of the 30 June 2014).


This page provides a number of resources. Some are e-resources which have been used to support presentations...but which are offered here for your use. Some are simply links to resources which already exist on other sites but which are curated here for convenience.(Adapted with permission from Marlene Manto)


Social Media


RSS (Rich Site Syndication or Really Simple Syndication)





E-learning Content

Screencasting (capturing a video of your screen)


Refer to the Moodle Page on this site for a list of resources

Blogs and Wikis



Other Useful Resources
- Search and download Learning Objects
- Customise Learning Objects - 'how to' guides
- Flexible Learning Toolboxes
- Framework Resources
- Innovations Projects
- Access to Skills
- E-learning for Industry
- E-portfolios Exemplars
- E-portfolios for Learner Pathways
- Higher Qualification Pathways Projects
- National Broadband Network
- New generation technologies for learning
- Partnerships for Participation
- VET Tools for developing and packaging
- Learning Design Tool
- E-explorers
- Strategic planning for e-learning
- Learning to teach online
- ForwardIT: basic digital literacy skills and knowledge
- Other Resources

Business Activities
- Emerging Technology Trials
- Industry System Change
- E-learning Participation and Skills